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360 Virtual Tour Services
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Our mission is to bring amazing

places and experiences to life

Visualise your world.

Visualise your world.

Visualise your world.


Create, edit, publish and share your virtual tours

We use the most advanced virtual tour technology, trusted by millions of users worldwide, to deliver the most stunning immersive visual experiences and showcasing your spaces. Accessible from your computer and your smartphone, virtual tours created by C3X will help you captivate your audience, engage with your potential clients, and gain visibility.

Create, edit, publish and share your virtual tours.

We use the most advanced virtual tour technology, trusted by millions of users worldwide, to deliver the most stunning immersive visual experiences and showcasing your spaces. Accessible from your computer and your smartphone, virtual tours created by C3X will help you captivate your audience, engage with your potential clients, and gain visibility.




Virtual tours allow potential clients to see and interact with an immersive environment such as a showroom, school or tourist attraction. These walk-through, tours make effective sales tools and can be embedded onto your website. Our virtual tours allow others to experience the full scope of your facility right in the comfort of their own home.



A 360 panoramic shot, ground or aerial, that gives you a totally immersive experience. Imagine being able to stand anywhere in the world and feel like you are really there looking all around.



C3X is an officially trusted and Google Trusted Pro. We have the ability to capture high quality 360 images to help your business be found online. We upload and link to your Google My Business profile for instant exposure.


Dollhouse View

Dollhouse View

Turn your space into an amazing interactive 3D dollhouse. This format is easily accessble within every virtual tour with just a click of the button. A great way for viewers to get a better understanding how the spaces connect and fit together. View each floor separately or as a whole property.

Birdseye View

Birdseye View

View the space from above with a simple click of a button within the virtual tour. Extremely useful when describing the layout of a property. Labels, tags, and notes can be added upon request.

Virtual Tour Fly Through Video

Virtual Tour Fly Through Video

An automated virtual and guided tour video of the highlights of your space. Allows viewers to get a feel for what the property has to offer.

3D Model & Schematic Floor Plans

3D Model & Schematic Floor Plans

Generate digital twin 3d models, assets, and files. Create accurate black and white floor plans in PNG and PDF formats.



4K HDR still photos and 360 photos to emphasize the most attractive aspects of your space.

Google Street Map Integration

Google Street Map Integration

Easy upload options allowing to place your virtual tour on Google Maps, Google Street View.  No need for a separate tour.


Interactive & Immersive

Interactive & Immersive

User friendly with fast load times, rich navigation options with 360 view points

Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Automatically generated virtual tours and videos

Improve Online Engagement

Improve Online Engagement

Increase your target audience, keep viewers engaged and on your site for longer.

Highlight Features and Information Within Your Tours

Highlight Features & Information Within Your Tours

Add user friendly tags, information points, photos and embedded video content into your virtual tours

Blurring Tools

Blurring Tools

The blurring tool lets to you hide confidential details such as faces, license plates, and artwork.

Private or Public Virtual Tours

Private or Public Virtual Tours

You are able to make the tour private or public.

3D model & Files

3D Model & Files

Ability to generate digital twin 3D models, assets and files

Share & Publish Online

Share on Social Media & Websites

Copy your virtual tour URL to send it by email, WhatsApp, your real estate software, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram message, Snapchat, YouTube comments, Telegram, LinkedIn, Skype, and other social networks.

Cloud & Secure Servers

Cloud & Secure Servers

Our servers are on the cloud and they are safe/secured (https). Your virtual tours will always be available online.


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Free initial discovery call to discuss your project and requirements, and quote.

Australia’s #1 Virtual Tour Company

We’re Australia’s #1 and leading virtual tour company. C3X is delivering new immersive visual experiences and virtual tours in all key industries including government, education, schools, universities, hospitals, museums, tourism operators, heritage buildings, architects, builders, construction, infrastructure, transport, real estate, and much more.


Immersive 3D models are the most effective tool for connecting people and places to enhance collaboration and accelerate project management. C3X makes it easy to create virtual tours, digital twins ideal for promoting properties for sale or rent, planning construction projects, or capturing special places. We offer full turnkey capabilities and services, accelerating client growth with stunning results.

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Enquires with virtual tours
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Engaging than traditional videos
0% Of users
Spend longer on website pages that feature virtual tours
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Qualified leads generated from virtual tours


Virtual tours will give your business a powerful boost by enhancing your uniqueness. Virtual tours are a well-loved tool for photographers, real estate agents, and everyone else, because they’re able to showcase every corner of a place, which speeds up the sales process. Virtual tours will save you time and money. Hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, and various companies are all fans of C3X. Instead of plain text with regular photos, potential visitors can get the full immersive experience of walking through the premises.

Your virtual tours are indexed on major search engines (Google, Bing) which means extra marketing for you thanks to organic indexing (SEO). Be ever present, on the internet.

Let us create a virtual tour that shares your space in an interactive and engaging way.


What Are Virtual Tours?

Virtual tours, also called immersive tours, are a set of photos linked together so that the viewer gets the full “walkthrough” experience. Some people think virtual tours are time-consuming and expensive to create. Our goal is to make virtual tours accessible to everyone. All C3X virtual tour tours can be viewed across devices with just a click: Mac, PC, smartphone (iOS and Android), tablet and VR headset.

virtual tour for real estate



Choose Your Service & Schedule A Shoot Time

Choose Your Service
Choose Your Service And Plan That Is Right For You. People vs No People. Decide if you would like people to be photographed within the 360 degree space. This usually requires some crowd control and additional time to manage. Alternatively it may be better to choose a time that will have minimal foot traffic within your business. This will make for a far more efficient photo shoot.


Prepare Your Space

Prepare Your Space
Prepare your space to be photographed. Remember the photos we take will be a 360 degree view of your space, so there is nowhere to hide. Adding graphics to any visible TV screens that are within the 360 degree space can help with further branding. Business logos usually work best for this.


Production – Scanning & Shooting

Production – Scanning & Shooting
We shoot and scan the nominated space within the scheduled timeframe. If more spaces or areas are required, more scanning can be arranged.



We will process all of the 360 degree photos, upload and moderate into the chosen predetermined Virtual Tour Platform. This can typically take within 24-72 hours depending on space.


Delivery & Hosting

Delivery & Hosting
We will send you an email with the Virtual Tour Link and Embed Code that you can then Share and/or add to your Website. Optional deliverables such as original high resolution 360 degree photos for use on Facebook 360 or other purposes will be supplied. Your tour will remain active and hosted until subscription ends.


Ongoing Support, Updating Virtual Tour & Integrations

Updating Virtual Tour
You are able to engage C3X for additional support, updating virtual tours and other integrations with VR platforms.


virtual tour for real estate

Real Estate Professionals – Commercial, Industrial, Retail & Residential

virtual tour government


virtual tour for education

Education, Early Learning, Schools, TAFE’s, and Universities

360 Virtual Tour for Hospital

Health, Retirement and Aged Care Facilities

Virtual Tours For Hotels and Resorts

Tourism, Hotel and Resorts

3D Virtual Tours for Shops & Retailers

Shopping Centres, Retail and Hospitality

3d virtual tour architecture


Construction Site Virtual Tour

Builders and Construction Companies

Virtual Tours for building and Asset Management

Asset managers and REIT’s

3D Virtual Tours For Facilities Management

Engineers and Facility Managers

3D Virtual Tours for Shops & Retailers

Training professionals

virtual tour for Automotive


Heritage Virtual Tours

Heritage sites, towns and cities

Marketing Your Business with Virtual Tour

Marketing & Advertiser Professional

Virtual Advertising

Advertiser Professional


Discover More


Engage C3X, our talented team of professionals to create a world with virtual tours and bring your next virtual tour to life. We use the talented professional virtual tour photographers to realise your imagination. Whether it's a virtual tour in 3D or 360°, a floor plan, home staging, or even image retouching and enhancement, C3X talent is at your service. Believe us, users love high-quality work. Give your clients and visitors a unique experience.
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Read, watch, and learn how our successful customers are working with C3X

Jane Moughan

C3X went above and beyond to ensure we were happy with our 360 virtual tours for The Block TV series.  Domain has partnered with C3X, and C3X consulted us along the way to ensure we were happy with the final result and delivered the end product well before the deadline and at a competitive price. The 360 virtual tours created by C3X are visually stunning, bring all Block houses to life online. The team at C3X are so friendly, great to work with, helpful every step of the way – and the 360 virtual tours are simply stunning!


Jane Moughan

National Marketing Executive - Domain
Tom Trevaskis

Delivers outstanding work that really showcases our Projects. C3X were able to listen to what we wanted to achieve and apply innovative solutions to deliver outstanding results.  C3X are genuinely a customer facing business and a leader in their field


Tom Trevaskis

General Manager, Urban Regeneration & Communities - Lendlease
Rachel Richter

Working with a team that was collaborative and focused on delivering successful results. The end result was excellent. C3X was collaborative built rapport with our interview subjects, and the video was professional and delivered on time and on budget.

Kane Constructions

Rachel Richter

Marketing Manager - Kane Constructions
Chad Chiang

Great service and knowledge and final products. C3X’s high quality and great video really impressed our client, prompt service!

Bild Group

Arno van Vuuren

Project Manager - Bild Group
David Keens

C3X went above and beyond to produce high quality aerial fly throughs videos and filming, and made sure everything was always perfect! C3X’s work was epic, and the finished product really stands out! We had a great time creating something special.

Manna Farms

David Keens

Director - Manna Farms
Jacqueline Berry

Clearly articulated the visualisation elements of the business and services on offer, and took the time to balance this with understanding our needs. C3X’s services felt personalised and tailored to our needs, a “forward thinking” approach to our projects needs.

Victoria Government, Department of Transport

Jacqueline Berry

Director, Corporate Communications - Victoria Government, Department of Transport
Clint Walker

C3X opens up possibilities of use of ground breaking tech in interesting and valuable ways. Responsiveness and quality of result. Positive people and highly competent. C3X deliver on what they say they will.

Melbourne & Olympic Parks

Clint Walker

Director, Infrastructure & Property - Melbourne & Olympic Parks
Prof. Abbas Rajabifard

Forward thinking.
C3X provides high-quality services to capture 360 degree and 3D data and integrate with The University of Melbourne’s Fishermans Bend Campus future buildings, and 3D Digital Twin capabilities. C3X’s professional work is well-received by our industry partners in proof of concept Fishermans Bend 3D Digital Twin project and considered as one of the necessary features that improves the Digital Twin’s application in different industries, including Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Real Estate and Property development.

The University of Melbourne

Prof. Abbas Rajabifard

Director – Department of Property, Development, Infrastructure & Engineering - The University of Melbourne
Ben Griffiths

C3X is definitely a very professional outfit and does a brilliant job of capturing and packaging up a comprehensive time-lapse and videography to showcase our project.  Without any hesitation I would recommend their services.

Henley Property

Ben Griffiths

General Manager - Henley Property
Adam Freebairn

Thought leadership.
C3X partnered with us to deliver 3Dvisualisations to support our business cases, resulting insignificant improvements for Melbourne Airportinfrastructure, property, environment and planning.

Melbourne Airport

Adam Freebairn

Manager - Assets, Planning and Development - Melbourne Airport
Michael Townsend

Ease of communication, service and professionalism of C3X. Outstanding product, service, delivered by an exceptional team. Highly recommend!

McGrath Real Estate

Michael Townsend

Principal – Real Estate Agent - McGrath Real Estate
Peter Funder

Ability to work within and respond to a changing environment. Great team, dedicated to getting the job done, collaborates to proactively solve problems and delivers great outcomes.


Peter Funder

Project Director - Vicinity
Tom Allen

Exceptional support.
C3X have been extremely helpful, offering all the support to help us succeed and impress our clients, we don’t have to worry about a thing.

Buildcorp Group

Tom Allen

Contracts Manager - Buildcorp Group
Chad Chiang

Great service.
C3X’s team are great to deal with, are very responsive and offer terrific service. Highly recommend.


Chad Chiang

Contracts Manager - Built


How can I contact you? 2021-07-21T21:15:30+10:00

If you have questions or simply want to chat with the team, send us a message via our direct chat and we will reply to you as soon as possible (the conversation window is on the bottom right-hand-side of our website)

Do you offer live demonstrations?

Unfortunately, we do not provide live demonstrations, although Matterport have created a demo video.

Do you offer any other services? 2021-07-28T17:33:42+10:00

Yes. C3X offers much more than just timelapse.


How am I billed and make payment? 2021-07-21T21:06:10+10:00

We offer pre-paid subscription service, requiring registration with a credit card or payment, or EFT payment in advance.

What happens for late payment? 2021-07-21T21:04:40+10:00

Your account, services and portal maybe temporarily suspended, late payment interest fees and charges may apply, until such time payment is fully received. All fees and charges per minimum hire period and agreed subscription plan will still be required to be paid in full. Please make payment and issue payment remittance to [email protected] so that our team can help you reactive access to your portal. This may take 24-48 hours to reset for login access.

What are payment terms? 2021-07-21T21:03:24+10:00

Subscriptions and services are paid in advance, before subscription, start date, installation and renewal start dates.

What is a digital twin? 2021-07-21T21:02:05+10:00

A digital twin is a digital copy of a real-world place or object. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies enable the creation of digital twins, which are dimensionally accurate 3D digital models that can be updated quickly to reflect changes with its physical counterpart. The accuracy of Matterport digital twins makes our 3D models particularly handy for Building Information Modelling (BIM) in architecture, engineering, and construction. Digital twins can store essential information about building plans, exact measurements, and the status of specific projects that enable stakeholders to collaborate from design plans through project completion.

How do I create a floor plan from my Virtual Tour? 2021-07-21T21:01:08+10:00

Custom floor plans can be created per fees and pricing plans.

How can I promote C3X? 2021-07-21T20:58:28+10:00

Everyone has access to several communications channels.  

You can promote C3X 

Blogs and websites 

Social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) 


What happens when virtual tour is deleted? 2021-07-21T20:55:32+10:00

A heads up that deleting a tour is irreversible, once deleted its permanently deleted.

What are the supported formats? 2021-07-21T20:54:36+10:00

Our preferred platform supports all 360 photos and is suitable for most 360° cameras. (360 degree panoramic JPG files have a universally standard format, i.e. 2:1 ratio, indicating a complete 360 view from floor to ceiling and from left to right at 360°. Max. size : 95Mo per JPG 360° picture. f you encounter problems when uploading your photos, don’t hesitate to send us a message via chat where we’re available to help you.

How can I increase visibility of 360° virtual tours and maximise audience reach? 2021-07-21T20:53:20+10:00

The first step to increase visibility on your website, Google Search, Bing.  

  1. Add your virtual tour link to your website and social media pages 
  2. Share your virtual tour everywhere, with your social media network and contacts, marketing EDM’s and campaigns 
  3. We can also help you publish your virtual tour on Google Street Maps – optional feature and fees may apply 

The more your profile and tours get views, likes, and shares, the more visible and popular you will become! 

What is Google Street View? 2021-07-21T20:50:44+10:00

Street View, by Google Maps, is a virtual representation of our surroundings on Google Maps, consisting of millions of panoramic images. Street View’s content comes from two sources – Google and contributors. Through our collective efforts, we enable people everywhere to virtually explore the world.

Is it possible to view my 360 virtual tour in a virtual reality (VR) headset such as Google Cardboard or Oculus Go? 2021-07-21T20:49:28+10:00

Yes of course.

With Oculus Go:

Once the headset is on your head, you’ll need to go to your internet browser (in VR Google Chrome or Oculus Web Browser) and open the virtual tour link. Oculus Go does not allow copying and pasting text, we recommend to send the link to your email, then open your inbox from the browser in Oculus, then you can just click on the link to open the tour. Once the window of your tour is open, click on the “VR headset” icon on the bottom.

With a smartphone:

Open the tour on your smartphone, then place the smartphone into the headset and click on the “VR headset” icon on the bottom of the tour.

Compatible with Android, iOS, iPhone, Samsung, etc. Use the preferred browsers on your phone for VR mode: Google Chrome or Safari.

Also make sure that your browsers and your phone are up to date with the latest version.

How can I view my Virtual Tours using Virtual Reality (VR)? 2021-07-21T20:47:23+10:00

You can download Matterport VR application and view your Virtual Tour through a Samsung Galaxy S6 (or above) and Samsung Gear VR Headset, or by using a VR Cardboard and any up-to-date mobile devices.

Can the 360 virtual tour be embedded onto my website? 2021-07-21T20:46:27+10:00

There is nothing simpler than integrating your 360 virtual tour into your website. Go to your tour and grab your tour link. You will see several ways to share your virtual tour, including an embed code

What are Mattertags and how can I use them? 2021-07-21T20:44:45+10:00

We can customise tags and Mattertags are anchored to specific points throughout the Virtual Tour, where you can add descriptions and multimedia assets such as photo, video and audio files.

I don’t want to buy special equipment. Can I hire someone to create my 360° virtual tours? 2021-07-21T20:42:57+10:00

Absolutely! C3X has a team and network of professional photographers, supplies its own camera equipment and systems to bring your virtual tour to life.

Is it possible to include the location of my virtual tour?  2021-07-21T20:41:34+10:00

Yes, of course. Please supply your address. You can indicate the city and the country, and even the complete address including the street name when creating or editing the 360 virtual tours. This is essential if you want to publish on Google Street Maps.

Is it possible to set the starting view of your virtual tour? 2021-07-21T20:40:15+10:00

Yes, it’s possible to set the starting view of a virtual tour, change the starting view to offer to your visitor the best tour. Normally we start the shoot and scanning sequence from where the tour will start. Once scanned and virtual tour is created, we can set a new starting point for the tour for your visitors.

Do I have to modify my 360° photos to make them interactive? 2021-07-21T20:39:21+10:00

No, It might seem confusing for you because when you open your 360 JPG photos on your computer, they look like simple flat panoramic images in standard 2D. And then, as soon as we upload them, our virtual tour platforms turns the images into an interactive 360 degree tour.

Can we make our virtual tour private? 2021-07-21T20:38:19+10:00

Yes, you can make a tour private and you can also add a password for better protection and better control. When you need to deactivate or make these tours private, please contact [email protected]

Are we able to add music my 360 virtual tours? 2021-07-21T20:37:19+10:00

We can provide virtual tour video through, with music, branding and audio. Optional feature, additional fees apply.

There are faces, objects, and details that I don’t want to show in my 360° tours. How can I resolve this? 2021-07-21T20:36:23+10:00

When taking the photos, it’s a good idea to remove objects or move people out of the shot before the photo shoot, that said, it’s not always possible. There’s the solution of retouching the photo. Instead of using a tool like Photoshop or another photo editing software to remove faces or objects, C3X offers a very quick and easy solution: the blurring tool that allows you to blur areas with a simple click on the areas of your choice.

Can we add additional information, tags or content into our virtual tours for more immersive experience? 2021-07-21T20:35:21+10:00

Yes, absolutely. C3X is able to add tags, content URL’s and other information into your virtual tour. Additional fees apply.

Can we edit 360 tour once it’s published? 2021-07-21T20:33:54+10:00

Yes, C3X can help you continue to edit and update the virtual tour as long as you continue to keep your virtual tour active with C3X. We can make all the necessary edits in the immersive tour as well as the description even after publishing. Additional fees apply.

Can we create custom virtual tours? 2021-07-21T20:32:37+10:00

Yes, C3X can customize your tour, inserting your branding logos, tags, and addresses and social media handles.

How long does it normally take to scan spaces? 2021-07-21T20:29:18+10:00

The time needed for scanning, shooting and creating a virtual tour varies depending on the complexity and size of a project.

What is a 360 photo or 360 photography? 2021-07-21T20:25:19+10:00

It is actually a 360 panoramic shot that totally encompasses all around you. This gives the person viewing the photo a totally immersive experience. Imagine being able to stand anywhere in the world and feel like you are really there. With 360 photography, you can put yourself anywhere in the world, any time, any place. Our 360 photos can be viewed on the following: 

  • Device Types: Smartphone, desktop & tablets 
  • Types Of Computers: Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, Linux 
  • Social media platforms: Facebook, YouTube & 360 speciality sharing sites such as Kuula 
  • From the simplest Google Cardboard to high-end headsets 
Can I capture outdoor areas in the Virtual Tour? 2021-07-21T20:24:27+10:00

As direct sunlight interferes with the 3D scan, we recommend you scan these areas on cloudy days, before sunrise or after sunset.
You can also capture sunny outdoor areas with exterior 360° views or 2D panorama images, which can be included in your highlight reel.

How do our photographers stay out of view when scanning virtual tours?  2021-07-21T20:23:41+10:00

We use the worlds best virtual tour cameras and technology, and adopt special techniques to try stay behind the camera when scanning.

Other people or myself are always in the 360° photos. How can I avoid this in our 360 virtual tours? 2021-07-21T20:22:55+10:00

This is particularly important for the virtual tours such as for real estate, government facilities and for hotels because the photos will be more exclusive and professional. The majority of 360 degree cameras have an integrated timer. This means after pressing the shutter, you have a few seconds to move away or hide so you won’t appear in the photos.

To get the best results, scanning and shooting the space without people will help deliver better immersive virtual tours and experiences that you can use for a long time.

How do I prepare my space before engaging C3X to shooting and creating a 360° virtual tour? 2021-07-21T20:21:21+10:00

When we photograph virtual tours for commercial purposes, such as real estate, holiday rentals, or hotels, remember to make sure the space is well organized, cleaned and presentable – as if you were going to impress anyone while doing a real tour inspection.

How do we take photos with 360° cameras? 2021-07-21T20:20:17+10:00

Most high tech 360 ° cameras are very user friendly. In general, we use 360 cameras on tripods, walking through your spaces to scan with calculated precision.

What information do I need to provide C3X? 2021-07-21T20:19:22+10:00

Its important you provide us all relevant information we need to accurately quote, plan, shoot and then activate your virtual tour, including but not limited to area m2, number of rooms, number of tags, hosting plan, site address, contacts and details, floor plans (if available), access to site and confirming space is presentable and ready to shoot.

Do subscription plans auto automatically renew? 2021-07-21T20:18:25+10:00

Yes, subscription plans periods will automatically renew. You will receive a reminder that your subscription is due to renew.

Can we renew and extend our subscription plan?  2021-07-21T20:16:46+10:00

Yes, you can extend your subscription plans with 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12-month periods.

When does my subscription plan start? 2021-07-21T20:15:21+10:00

Monthly subscription plans and charges will be from date of scan and once virtual tour is activated.

What are the hosting plans available? 2021-07-21T20:14:50+10:00

We have a range of hosting plans available, including 1 month, 6 month and 12 months plans. These can be renewed and extended.

Is the virtual tour hosted in the cloud? 2021-07-21T20:14:06+10:00

Yes, our virtual tours are hosted in the cloud. All you need to do is activate

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Still got a questions that's not covered above?

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project. Schedule a free consultation with us and we can help you find the best solution to overcome your project challenges. Make your business a success story. 

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Contact our expert team to see how we best visualise your project.

Contact our expert team to see how we best visualise your project.

Contact our expert team to see how we best visualise your project.

Contact our expert team to see how we best visualise your project.

Contact our expert team to see how we best visualise your project.

Contact our expert team to see how we best visualise your project.

Contact our expert team to see how we best visualise your project.

Contact our expert team to see how we best visualise your project.