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Who We Are

At C3X, we excel in bridging the gap between inspiration and the realm of possibilities. Our core mission is to transform visual ideas into reality. We take pride in serving clients from a wide array of industries, offering dynamic visual experiences that serve a multitude of purposes. Whether it's enhancing design and planning, closely monitoring construction progress with construction timelapse, crafting compelling marketing campaigns, engaging stakeholders effectively, or positioning you to secure your next significant project and expand your business, we're here to make it happen.

Our Approach

C3X thrives on collaboration and the establishment of robust partnerships. We actively engage with forward-thinking organizations across pivotal sectors, including architecture, construction, engineering, infrastructure, real estate, telecom, utilities, and government.  We remain agnostic in our approach and are highly responsive to our customers' unique needs. Every project we undertake is approached with a fresh perspective, ensuring tailored solutions that drive success.

Our People

At C3X, our greatest assets are our extraordinary people, possessing remarkable skills, industry expertise, and a deep understanding of creative and visual technology. We invest in our team members, inspiring their growth and encouraging them to create a positive impact.  Our culture at C3X is defined by a commitment to finding innovative solutions, fostering collaboration, and driving positive change in everything we do.

On behalf of C3X, we wish to extend our deepest respect and acknowledgment to the Indigenous nations, peoples, and communities across this vast continent. We recognise the enduring connection that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have with their lands, waters, and skies, and acknowledge them as Traditional Owners. It is upon these sacred grounds that we stand, work, and strive together to create a better future.


We pay our respects to Elders past, present, Aboriginal Elders of other communities, and emerging. We acknowledge the significant contributions Indigenous people make to our society, including in the arts, culture, environmental stewardship, and community leadership. C3X is profoundly committed to honoring, learning from, and celebrating the rich cultural heritage and invaluable wisdom of Australia's First Nations peoples.


As we continue to navigate our journey, we do so with the intent to contribute positively towards reconciliation, cultural preservation, and the passing on of stories to future generations. We believe in the power of unity, respect, and collaboration to foster a society that celebrates diversity and works towards healing and understanding.


Let us all take a moment to reflect on the significance of the land we stand on today. Let us acknowledge the strength and resilience of Indigenous peoples and their unbreakable connection to country. It is with a spirit of gratitude and humility that we at C3X pledge to be allies in the journey towards reconciliation, ensuring that our actions and projects support and uplift Indigenous communities across Australia.


Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can build bridges of understanding and respect that unite us all.

Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners, Aboriginal Elders & First Nations Peoples 

Let’s Work Together

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