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At C3X, we have the most advanced construction timelapse camera, so that you can concentrate on better project management, speedy completion and cost efficiency – and see exactly what's happening on your project—wherever you are.

Discover New Possibilities

Australia's #1 Timelapse Camera


Advanced Features

Introducing Australia's #1 and Most Advanced Timelapse Camera. 

Our state-of-the-art timelapse camera represents the pinnacle of innovation in Australia. With its cutting-edge features, this camera is not just a tool but a gateway to viewing progress and change in a way you've never experienced before.


Timelapse Videos

Customise your own video with scheduled automated weekly and monthly timelapse sequences delivered straight to your dashboard, for your stakeholder and reporting requirements


Optimised Scheduling

Optimized Scheduling: Tailor Shooting Plans to Fit Your Project Precisely.


Super Zoom™

Super zoom in tool catches every detail in your project, to remotely review details of work, activities on site, and risk assessments for health and safety incidents


Compare Tool™

Month one. Month 36. Side by side. Our comparison tools help you track progress


Live View

Keep eyes on your project's critical milestones, view the progress of your site from anywhere, search by date through archive of images.


Weather Tracking

Easily access historical weather data for any date during your project, a go-to resource for resolving disputes and making informed decisions


Gain real time visibility for greater project control.


Manage project risk


Streamline project updates, communication and engagement

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