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Behind the Scenes with C3X: Powering The Block TV Series with Innovative 360 Virtual Tours

Updated: Mar 6

The Collaboration that Redefined Viewing Experience

In an exciting partnership, C3X teamed up with Channel 9’s hit show, The Block, and the renowned real estate platform Domain. This collaboration was more than just a business venture; it was a foray into the future of real estate and television.

Explore Channel 9's The Block and through C3X's immersive 360 Virtual Tours, showcasing innovative property showcases
C3X - Powering The Block with 360 Virtual Tours

Bringing Properties to Life

The Block, known for its stunning property transformations, got an extra layer of interactivity with C3X’s 360 virtual tours. Viewers could now explore every nook and cranny of the renovated properties from their devices, a feat that was previously unimaginable.

The C3X Edge

What made C3X stand out? Our state-of-the-art technology allowed for incredibly detailed and immersive tours. This wasn’t just about showing spaces; it was about creating an experience that was as close to reality as possible.

Enhancing Viewer Engagement

The impact was immediate. Viewers were not just watching the transformations; they were a part of them. They could explore different rooms, appreciate the intricate designs, and feel the texture of the materials, all virtually. This interaction marked a significant leap in how television content could be consumed and enjoyed.

Domain’s Role

Domain brought its real estate prowess to the table, ensuring that these virtual tours reached potential buyers and property enthusiasts. Their platform made it easy for interested parties to delve into the details of each property, turning viewers into potential leads.

A Win for All

The result? Record TV audiences and house sale prices, increased engagement, higher viewer satisfaction, and a buzz in the real estate community. This partnership wasn’t just successful; it was a testament to the power of 360 Virtual tours in showcasing spaces to real estate buyers, online and TV audiences.



Looking Ahead

As C3X, we’re not just excited about what we’ve achieved; we’re thrilled about what this means for the future. This partnership has opened doors to new possibilities in real estate, entertainment, and beyond. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and transform the way you view and interact with spaces.


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