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Case Study: Vicinity Centres, Chadstone Shopping Centre, MGallery by Sofitel Hotel - Showcasing projects with Aerial Videography, Timelapse, and 3D Visualisation C3X

Updated: Mar 7

Creating compelling content to showcase modern architectural marvels, such as the iconic Chadstone Shopping Centre Hotel, MGallery by Sofitel, requires a blend of technology and creativity. The video created by C3X for Vicinity Centres is a prime example of how aerial videography, timelapse, and 3D visualization can be harnessed to provide a dynamic and immersive viewing experience. In this blog post, we will explore the power of these techniques and how they have been effectively utilised to capture and showcase the essence of this architectural masterpiece.

Aerial Videography: A New Perspective

Aerial videography has revolutionized the way we view our world, offering perspectives that were once impossible or could only be captured by expensive helicopter or airplane shoots. Drones, the technology behind modern aerial videography, allow

for smooth and stable high-definition video capture, providing viewers with breathtaking bird's-eye views. In the context of the Chadstone Shopping Centre Hotel, aerial videography captures the grandeur and scale of the architecture, the surrounding landscape, and its integration into the urban environment. This perspective not only highlights the design of the building but also its relationship with the surrounding area, providing a comprehensive view that ground-level photography simply cannot match.

Timelapse: The Art of Motion

Timelapse is a cinematographic technique that gives us the ability to see the world in motion, condensing hours, days, or even months into a few seconds or minutes of video. This technique is particularly effective in showcasing the bustling atmosphere of the Chadstone Shopping Centre Hotel, illustrating the dynamic interplay of light and shadow over the course of a day, and the constant flow of people and traffic. Timelapse can also highlight the construction and development phases of the project, offering viewers a unique insight into the complexity and effort involved in bringing such a structure to life.

3D Visualisation: Bringing Ideas to Life

3D visualization stands at the forefront of architectural representation, providing the ability to pre-visualize structures in stunning detail before they are built. For the Chadstone Shopping Centre Hotel, 3D visualization techniques can be used to create lifelike models of the building, offering potential visitors and stakeholders a virtual tour of the facilities, amenities, and rooms. This not only serves as a powerful marketing tool but also allows architects and designers to experiment with different designs and materials, making informed decisions that enhance the aesthetic and functional aspects of the project.




The video created by C3X for Vicinity Centres demonstrates the compelling power of aerial videography, timelapse, and 3D visualisation in capturing and showcasing this iconic project. These techniques provide a multifaceted view of the Chadstone Shopping Centre Hotel, highlighting its architectural beauty, dynamic environment, and the vision behind its creation. As technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for creative expression and architectural representation will only expand, offering new ways to capture and share the world's built environment. The fusion of these techniques not only elevates the presentation of architectural projects but also enriches our appreciation of the spaces around us.


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