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The Ultimate Guide to Timelapse Cameras: Hiring vs. Buying

Updated: Mar 6

When it comes to capturing the passage of time through a lens, timelapse photography stands out as a uniquely captivating technique. Whether for professional projects, personal exploration, or artistic expression, the choice between hiring and buying a timelapse camera can significantly impact your work's success and efficiency. In this guide, we delve into the pros and cons of each option, presenting a compelling case for why hiring is often the best and most recommended path.

The Ultimate Guide to Timelapse Cameras: Hiring vs. Buying
The Ultimate Guide to Timelapse Cameras: Hiring vs. Buying

Hiring a Timelapse Camera: A Smart Investment

Choosing to hire a timelapse camera from a specialist service company is not merely a financial decision; it's a strategic move that leverages flexibility, access to expertise, and the latest technology. Here's a summary table highlighting the key pros and cons of hiring vs. buying:




Initial Cost

Lower upfront cost, pay for the duration you need.

High upfront investment.


Access to the latest models and technology.

Risk of technology becoming outdated or obsolete.


Benefit from specialized expertise and support.

Self-reliance for troubleshooting with no expertise.


No maintenance or repair costs. All handled by the rental company.

Responsible for maintenance, hire maintenance and potential repair costs.


Flexibility to use different cameras, lens systems tailored for different projects and optimal field of view.

Limited to the features of the camera you own.


Supports a sharing economy, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Higher environmental impact due to manufacturing and waste.

Financial Risk

Minimal financial risk. If the camera doesn't meet needs, able to change camera and lens systems, or simply return it.

High risk if the camera does not meet expectations.

Project Duration

Ideal for both short-term and long term projects or those with variable scope and timeframes.

Better for long-term, consistent use, for similar projects, without change in needs.

The Benefits of Hiring: Beyond the Table

The table above succinctly captures the key considerations, but the benefits of hiring extend deeper, particularly when it comes to leveraging specialised expertise. A specialist timelapse service company doesn't just rent out equipment; they offer a partnership. This partnership can be invaluable for navigating the complexities of timelapse photography, ensuring you're equipped not just with a camera, but with the knowledge and support to use it effectively.

Moreover, the flexibility to adapt to project needs without the financial burden of purchasing multiple cameras can be a game-changer. Whether you're capturing the slow progress of a construction project, the changing seasons, or the hustle and bustle of city life, hiring allows you to select the perfect tool for the job every time.

Why Hiring Is the Recommended Choice

The decision between hiring and buying is ultimately influenced by specific project requirements, budget constraints, and long-term needs. However, for many, the advantages of hiring—a combination of financial flexibility, access to the latest technology, specialized expertise, and support—make it the superior choice. It enables photographers, businesses, and creatives to produce high-quality timelapse content without the significant capital investment and risks associated with purchasing.

In the evolving world of photography and videography, staying adaptable and resourceful is key. Hiring a timelapse camera offers a pathway to innovation and creativity, allowing you to focus on capturing the essence of time, without the weight of ownership.




Timelapse photography is a powerful tool for storytelling, requiring not just the right equipment, but the right approach. While buying a camera may suit those with consistent, long-term needs, hiring stands out as the best option for a wide range of projects. It offers the flexibility, technology, and support needed to bring your vision to life, all while aligning with financial and environmental considerations.


This blog and summary table offer a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of hiring versus buying a timelapse camera, making a strong case for hiring as the preferred option for most scenarios.


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